This Kindle Feature Will Make Sure You Never Forget Key Details In Your Books

X-Ray on Kindle serves as a supercharged index for your eBooks. It makes it way easier to recall important details in the book, such as names, places, events, or even jargon. The only difference between X-Ray and the traditional book index is that the former is formatted to be more interactive and intuitive. When you open up an eBook’s X-Ray, you’ll find four tabs:

Notable Clips: Includes memorable passages from the book that you can highlight or share directly from the X-Ray page.
People: A list of every character mentioned in the book, arranged alphabetically. It shows how often a name is mentioned, the pages or Notable Clips where they appear, and sometimes even character descriptions.
Terms: A catch-all tab for other key details mentioned. It lists locations, jargon (like medical or electronic terms), events (like Christmas or homecoming), brand names, TV shows, objects, and more. Each term comes with a short description, its frequency of mention, and the pages where it’s found.
Images: Shows you all the images found in the book. The images are displayed in the order they appear.

It’s worth noting that X-Ray is only available in books downloaded directly from Amazon. If you send an eBook to your Kindle via any other means, it won’t have X-Ray. Some Amazon eBooks also don’t have X-Ray enabled. To check, go to the Kindle book’s Amazon page, scroll down to the “Product details” section, and see whether X-Ray is enabled for the particular book.

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