Samsung December Updates Arrive on Several Devices (Updated)

When it comes to updates, December is expected to be pretty chill for Samsung devices. Most of Samsung’s best phones and foldables all received a huge update to Android 14 and One UI 6 in November, so for this month, a security patch should be all that arrives.

We are midway through December and Samsung is rolling out the December security patch. In several changelogs, all that’s supposedly being included here is improvements to security. Again, that’s not unexpected after One UI 6 update from last month, where we saw a huge list of improvements and new features.

Here’s the current list of devices receiving the Samsung December update:

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: N986USQS6HWK1
Galaxy Note 20: N981USQS6HWK1
Galaxy Z Fold 5: F946U1UES1BWKI
Galaxy Z Flip 5: F731U1UES1BWKI
Galaxy Z Fold 2: F916USQS5KWK1
Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: R920XXU1BWL1
Galaxy Watch 5: R910XXU1BWL1

UPDATE 12/15: The Galaxy S20 Series and the Galaxy S23 FE are up next with the following builds.

Galaxy S20: G981VSQS8HWK1
Galaxy S20+: G986USQS8HWK1
Galaxy S20 Ultra: G988USQS8HWK1
Galaxy S23 FE: S711USQU1BWK6

UPDATE 12/18: The Fold 5 and Flip 5, plus the Galaxy S22 Series are now seeing the December patch.

Galaxy Z Fold 5: F946USQS1BWKI
Galaxy Z Flip 5: F731USQS1BWKI
Galaxy S22: S901USQS3DWKA
Galaxy S22+: S906USQS3DWKA
Galaxy S22 Ultra: S908USQS3DWKA

UPDATE 12/19: The Galaxy S23 Series is up next!

Galaxy S23: S911USQS2BWKA
Galaxy S23+: S916USQS2BWKA
Galaxy S23 Ultra: S918USQS2BWKA

UPDATE 12/20: The Galaxy S21 Series is seeing that love.

Galaxy S21: G991USQS9FWL1
Galaxy S21+: G996USQS9FWL1
Galaxy S21 Ultra: G998USQS9FWL1
Galaxy S21 FE: G990USQS9FWL3
Galaxy S21 FE (2022): G990U2SQS7FWL3

If you own any of those devices, head into Settings>System updates>Check for system updates to see if you can pull it.

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